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My Free Pascal GUI Applications.

All downloads on this side are provided free and without any warranty of any kind. You may use them as you want, but if you do so, it's entirely on your own risk! Please, have a look at this Web site's disclaimer for details.

Also note that I myself are far away from being a confirmed Windows programmer. I never made computer science studies and, even if I wrote my first programs some 40(!) years ago, concerning GUI applications, I'm rather a newbie, only starting 2 years ago to develop graphical desktop applications. Thus, the source code on this side is nothing like perfect, sometimes (especially in the older applications) perhaps even "just as you shouldn't do", without the knowledge of all the possibilities, that Lazarus/Free Pascal offers and how to best implement them, also without care about file size or resources used. On the other side, I think that there is lots of inventive and interesting stuff, concerning all kinds of domains to be found here and that people for whom, like for me, informatics is just fun, may view the code, that may be downloaded from this site, as one between other (better) possibilities to realize a given application, modify it in order to adapt it to their own needs, to extend the program or to find ideas to develop their own ones.

These are GUI-based (graphical user interface) applications, running in a desktop window.. The executables on this site have been compiled for a Windows 64bit platform (the sources of most of them should be suitable without modification to create executables for Windows 32bit, Linux or Mac OS; just recompile them on the platform where you want to execute them). If you just want to run the program, use the icon in the "Exec" column to download the executable (if it needs supplementary files such as data, these are packed with the executable in the .zip archive); if you are interested in the code or want to recompile the program (to adapt it to your needs or to use it on a different platform), use the icon in the "Source" column (the download file will be a .zip archive with all relevant files, NOT including any executables). To view a more detailed description of the program (including screenshots), click the program name in the "Program" column. To get all my Lazarus/Free Pascal stuff at once, you may want to download all my programs and applications in one big .zip archive.

Program list:

Domain Program Language Description Exec Source
Biology Bacteria growth I us.png Bacteria growth on 1 substrate (extended Monod model) note.png fpc.png
  Bacteria growth II us.png Bacteria growth on 2 substrates (extended Monod model) note.png fpc.png
  Bacteria growth III us.png Bacteria growth in the chemostat (1 substrate; based on Monod model) note.png fpc.png
  Blood volume calculation us.png Estimation of human blood volume (using 3 different calculation methods) w64.png fpc.png
  Lung capacities calculation us.png Calculation of the lung volumes and capacities based on the values as read from a spirogram note.png fpc.png
  Predator-prey model us.png 2-species growth simulation: Predator-prey (Lotka-Volterra) model w64.png fpc.png
Chemistry Amino acid statistics us.png Protein analysis: Amino acid count by the similarity groups defined within the various classifications w64.png fpc.png
  Atomic structure us.png Graphical representation of the atomic structure of uncharged and charged isotopes w64.png fpc.png
  Electron configurations us.png Electronic structure of atoms and ions (electron configurations) exercice generator note.png fpc.png
  Ideal Gas Law us.png Graphical application about the laws relating volume, pressure, temperature and quantity of ideal gases w64.png fpc.png
  Molecular weight calculator us.png Determination of molecular weight of standard molecules, oligonucleotides and proteins w64.png fpc.png
  Stoichiometry exercises us.png Chemisty trainer: Generation of stoichiometry exercises: Balancing chemical equations w64.png fpc.png
Education Bird quiz de.png 1- or 2-player bird quiz with 5 difficulty levels + slidshow feature to display the 120 included pictures w64.png fpc.png
  Carnivore quiz de.png 1- or 2-player carnivore quiz with 4 difficulty levels + slidshow feature to display the 100 included pictures w64.png fpc.png
  English verbs us.png English grammar trainer: Simple past and past participle of regular and irregular verbs w64.png fpc.png
  European countries quiz de.png Guess the capital, country surface, inhabitant number or flag for a given European country w64.png fpc.png
  Flag quiz us.png Guess the country corresponding to a given flag (country names in English or German) w64.png fpc.png
  French verbs in -er fr.png Languages: Conjugation of French verbs in -er w64.png fpc.png
  French verbs in -re fr.png Languages: Conjugation of French verbs in -re w64.png fpc.png
  Latin declensions fr.png Languages: Declension of Latin verbs and adjectives w64.png fpc.png
  Learn the alphabet us.png Educational application for children: Learn the alphabet (English letters) w64.png fpc.png
  Luxembourg rivers quiz lu.png Guess the source and destination of the 15 main rivers in Luxembourg w64.png fpc.png
  Luxembourgish numbers lu.png Basic arithmetic with numbers in luxembourgish w64.png fpc.png
  Luxembourgish verbs lu.png Languages: Present tense (Indikativ Präsens) of luxembourgish verbs w64.png fpc.png
  Luxembourgish verbs II lu.png Languages: Participle and compound tenses of luxembourgish verbs w64.png fpc.png
  Sequence of tenses fr.png French grammar: Indicative and subjunctive; sequence of tenses w64.png fpc.png
  Roman numerals us.png Roman numerals conversion and knowledge test w64.png fpc.png
Electronics Capacitors fr.png Study of voltage and current during the charge/discharge of a capacitor w64.png fpc.png
  Logic gates us.png Electrical circuits: Simple interactive simulation of logic gates w64.png fpc.png
  Logic gates II us.png Electrical circuits: Simple interactive simulation of XOR gates made of circuits based on Boolean algebra w64.png fpc.png
  Multivibrators de.png Electrical circuits: Simple interactive simulation of transistor-based multivibrators w64.png fpc.png
  Ohm's Law us.png Electronics trainer (exercise generator): Ohm's law in simple, series and parallel circuits w64.png fpc.png
  RLC circuits us.png Electronics trainer (exercise generator): RLC circuits w64.png fpc.png
  Standard resistors us.png Determination of standard resistor values based on the resistor's color bands w64.png fpc.png
  Operational amplifiers us.png Common linear and non-linear applications of operational amplifiers w64.png fpc.png
  Transistor switches us.png Electronics calculator and exercise generator: Base resistance of transistor switch circuits w64.png fpc.png
Games Blackjack game I us.png Simple Blackjack card game for 1 player w64.png fpc.png
  Blackjack game II us.png Blackjack card game for 2 players w64.png fpc.png
  Card reaction game de.png Simple 1- or 2-player "stop if the correct card is displayed" reaction game w64.png fpc.png
  Color circles us.png In two grids with colored circles, find the pair with different colors w64.png fpc.png
  Dividers us.png Maths game: Find numbers with a given divider w64.png fpc.png
  Dividers II us.png Maths game: Find numbers with a given divider (2-player version) w64.png fpc.png
  Drop the orbs us.png Drop numbered orbs into columns in a way to get a column total of 20 w64.png fpc.png
  Euro coins de.png Calculation game: Find the euro coins to get a given amount of money w64.png fpc.png
  Fractions us.png Maths game for primary school pupils: Addition of fractions w64.png fpc.png
  "Guess the word" game us.png "Guess the word" game for 1 player (words in English, French, German or Luxembourgish) w64.png fpc.png
  "Guess the word" game II us.png "Guess the word" game for 2 players (with "gallows" construction for wrong letters) w64.png fpc.png
  Magic Square lu.png Calculation game (not only) for primary school pupils w64.png fpc.png
  Memory game us.png Memory puzzle game (with orchid, flowers, beaches, sunrise, space and angels pictures) w64.png fpc.png
  "Mirrors", a logic game us.png Freely invented logic game, based on an idea that I realized in 2003 w64.png fpc.png
  Number game lu.png Numbers calculation game, inspired by the "Des chiffres et des lettres" gameshow on French TV w64.png fpc.png
  Snake game us.png GUI based implementation of my command line Snake game w64.png fpc.png
  Word puzzle de.png Word-search puzzle: In a grid of letters, try to find the words given by the program w64.png fpc.png
Maths Arithmetic baubles de.png Mathematics trainer (problem generator): Arithmetic problems for primary school pupils w64.png fpc.png
  Basic arithmetic operations us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Basic arithmetic operations with integers w64.png fpc.png
  new.png Column calculations us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Column addition and subtraction w64.png fpc.png
  Complex numbers arithmetic us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Basic arithmetic operations with complex numbers w64.png fpc.png
  Complex numbers calculator us.png Simple calculator to perform basic arithmetic operations with complex numbers w64.png fpc.png
  Determinant calculation us.png 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 determinant calculation with display of the expansion minors w64.png fpc.png
  Fractions operations us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Basic arithmetic operations with fractions w64.png fpc.png
  Geometrical surfaces de.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Area and circumference of geometrical surfaces w64.png fpc.png
  Geometrical solids de.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Volume and surface area of geometrical solids w64.png fpc.png
  Linear equations I us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Linear equations in 1 variable w64.png fpc.png
  Linear equations II us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Systems of linear equations in 2 variables w64.png fpc.png
  Linear equations III us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Systems of linear equations in 3 variables w64.png fpc.png
  Logarithm equations us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Logarithm equations w64.png fpc.png
  Measurement conversion de.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator) for primary school pupils: Measurement units conversion w64.png fpc.png
  Multiplication tables lu.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator) for primary school pupils: Multiplication tables w64.png fpc.png
  Negative numbers us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Negative numbers basic arithmetic operations w64.png fpc.png
  Percentage calculations us.png Mathematics trainer (exercise generator): Calculations with percentages w64.png fpc.png
Physics Collisions fr.png Elastic and inelastic collisions simulation w64.png fpc.png
  Fluid mechanics I fr.png Physics trainer (exercise generator): Fluid mechanics - Hydrostatics w64.png fpc.png
  Plane in the wind us.png Addition of 2 velocities: Simple graphical simulation of a plane moving in the wind w64.png fpc.png
  Planetary orbits us.png Graphical simulation of the 9 planets of our solar system turning around the sun w64.png fpc.png
  Projectile motion us.png Graphical simulation of a canon, placed on a hill, firing a projectile at a given angle w64.png fpc.png
  Ray tracing us.png Geometrical optics: Ray tracing with mirrors and thin lenses w64.png fpc.png
  Weight on an incline de.png Application of Newton's laws: Simulation of an object slipping along an incline w64.png fpc.png
Various Biorhythm cycles us.png Biorhythm graphs: 3-months physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythm cycles w64.png fpc.png
  Currency converter fr.png Simple currency converter (with currency rates update from the Internet) w64.png fpc.png
  Driving test trainer fr.png Trainer application, generating right of way at road crossings exercises w64.png fpc.png
  Local MP3 search us.png Search MP3 files on local computer (serach criteria based on file properties or MP3 tags) w64.png fpc.png
  Memory trainer us.png Program that may be used to test your visual memory and try to ameliorate it w64.png fpc.png
  Morse alphabet us.png International morse code converter and knowledge tester w64.png fpc.png
  Music alarm clock us.png Alarm clock with individual time/music settings for each week day resp. 3 freely selectable dates w64.png fpc.png
  Simple time calculator us.png Calculator application to add times (instead of simple numbers) w64.png fpc.png
  new.png Zodiac signs de.png Astrology: Historical aspects and personality characteristics associated with zodiac signs w64.png fpc.png