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My Free Pascal Console Programs.

All downloads on this side are provided free and without any warranty of any kind. You may use them as you want, but if you do so, it's entirely on your own risk! Please, have a look at this Web site's disclaimer for details.

These are text-based (non-graphical) programs, running in a console, such as MS Windows Command Prompt. The executables on this site have been compiled for a Windows 64bit platform (the sources of most of them should be suitable without modification to create executables for Windows 32bit, Linux, Mac OS and even FreeDOS; just recompile them on the platform where you want to execute them). If you just want to run the program, use the icon in the "Exec" column to download the executable (if it needs supplementary files such as data, these are packed with the executable in the .zip archive); if you are interested in the code or want to recompile the program (to adapt it to your needs or to use it on a different platform), use the icon in the "Source" column (the download file will be a .zip archive with all relevant files, NOT including any executables). To view a more detailed description of the program (including screenshots), click the program name in the "Program" column. To get all my Lazarus/Free Pascal stuff at once, you may want to download all my programs and applications in one big .zip archive.

Program list:

Domain Program Language Description Exec Source
Biology Hardy-Weinberg Law us.png Population genetics: Calculating the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium frequencies w64.png fpc.png
Chemistry Chemical equations us.png Simple command line program to balance chemical equations w64.png fpc.png
Games Snake game us.png Simple Snake game. Cursor keys usage to move the snake (which grows by eating meats, dies when hitting rocks) warning.png fpc.png
Maths Arithmetic baubles de.png Console version of Arithmetic3. Generation of arithmetic related problems (intended for primary school pupils) w64.png fpc.png
  Burning Ship fractal us.png Burning Ship fractal command line program. Very simple (text based X-/Y-scaling and zooming), but nice pictures w64.png fpc.png
  Cubic equations us.png Resolution of cubic equations in one variable (ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d = 0) w64.png fpc.png
  Julia sets us.png Quadratic Julia sets command line program. Very simple (text based X-/Y-scaling and zooming), but nice pictures w64.png fpc.png
  Linear equations us.png Resolution of linear equation systems in one, two or three variables w64.png fpc.png
  Lines in the plane fr.png Geometry in the plane: Line passing through 2 points w64.png fpc.png
  Lines in the plane II fr.png Geometry in the plane: Parallel lines; lines intersection point w64.png fpc.png
  Mandelbrot set us.png Mandelbrot set command line program. Very simple (elementary scaling and zooming), but nice pictures w64.png fpc.png
  Quadratic equations us.png Resolution of quadratic equations in one variable (ax^2 + bx + c = 0) w64.png fpc.png
Various 3-month calendar us.png Multi-lingual calendar with 3 months display. Usage of cursor and function keys to change month, year or language w64.png fpc.png
  Morse alphabet us.png Character or complete text translation (from or to morse code). Morse alphabet knowledge test warning.png fpc.png